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Christian Alicea is a singer originally from Puerto Rico, he was born on March 15, 1996, son of José (Ito) Bosque and Victoria Alicea Molina. He started his musical career at an early age. Even before he was born, his father already sang to him while he was still in his mother's womb.


Raised in a family of musicians, from an early age he showed an interest in art. This is how he participated in musical groups at school and, at age 11, he already toured his native country singing on different stages.


Christian is a person who really loves music and is in the music industry for the love he has for art, thanks to his producer, he is constantly learning and motivated to continue contributing to the enrichment of the urban genre. One of his achievements has been recording alongside J Alvarez, an artist whom he respects not only for his musical quality but also for his human warmth.


The song that most represents him is El Cantante by Hector Lavoe, a song that embodies the processes that artists live and in which he has felt identified on some occasions. He nostalgically remembers his upbringing, the games with friends in Dr. Sein's Hamlet, from there he keeps his best friends and his childhood memories.

With his new sound of Salsa Urbana, Christian Alicea has been taken over the musical scene.  His singles such as "Cobarde" y "Vuelve" have climbed to the top of the charts in radio and now with "Se le Nota" together with Dj Nelson x Alejandro Armes we are sure to have another top single.

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